Become a Fancy Writer

We are a group of motivated people trying to do our part to live a less stressful life and create a positive world with our positive energy. Our goal is to provide entertainment, motivation and guidences for the benefit of readers and authors.
We are seeking writers of quality inspirational material to contribute newspapers in the form of articles, short stories, daily interviews and videos. Although we welcome writers from all over the world, material must be in the English language.
Registration is required for individuals who wish to become contributors, but not for those who merely want to submit comments. You must be at least 16 years of age in order to register and to submit works. Please review our website to have an idea of what type of material we are seeking.
We believe in freedom of expression and the exchange of ideas and different opinions, and offer writers the opportunity to express their creativity, but do not compensate newspaper contributors as we provide all content on our website free of charge.
We look forward to seeing your work, and encourage university creative writing students and others as well as established writers.

Fancy Writer Registration Form


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