Make That Little While, Your Life!

By Amrin Panjwani

Shadow, it happened under the dark sky, in the presence of the moon and stars shining brightly. At a distance, where she was sitting with her mate, away from the group accompanying them to this beautiful place.

Waves had something to say, that place itself had some lessons to teach.
Standing away, all alone, embracing the wind and playing with the sand beneath, looking at the lights, that had created shadows till miles.

I could see my shadow, and, at times, people behind me used to cross, and at that time our shadows used to merge, and after some time when they used to pass, our shadows used to depart. All I heard was a voice, that asked, Do you see this?

Subjecting my shadow, she said, This is you, only you. Do you witness how these shadows merge and disperse? This is life, we all are living our own individual life, some people slip in your way, and then depart, and you slip in someone’s way and you depart.

Then why do you hold on things? Why do you search for the shadows that left? Why do you crib for them to stay?

We all are walking on this path, and it is, sometimes, you meet people in your way. Either they stay for a little while or for a long time. Remember, Till your paths are same, your shadows will merge, and when paths change, one of them departs, or has to depart.

This is how things work; today you still have a chance to bury your insecurities here. You see, how happily this wind embraces you, even though you are unknown to this land, it still welcomes you.
Because, life is that way. You can’t stick to one thing, you can’t hold on, you can’t name anything yours.
All you can do is live with a smile, learn from the shadows that merge, embrace everything that comes, and hold no grudges, because everything you have is just for a while, and make that little while, your life!

By Amrin Panjwani
#Inspiration, #LetGo, #Life, #Motivation, #Shadow #Inspirational


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