A Letter from Soul

By Amrin Panjwani
Read more at https://fancydistrict.com/a-letter-from-soul/

I write this, to share some very important things that you forget again and again. You’re growing up, and you’re moulding into something that you wouldn’t otherwise. You’ve started solving your issues by yourself, that’s great. You’re learning so many lessons, I appreciate. But one thing, that you are letting go, is You.

You were a kid till now, who was surrounded by humans, and now that you are growing up, you’re simply following their paths. You must not. People who are grown up, have killed the child they had within, they fake, they hide, they lie. They won’t accept their flaws, they won’t express their feelings. But You, have to.

img_6493[1]Grow up, learn, have fun, but don’t let go! Cry, when you feel to, Laugh, when you feel to. Don’t stop yourself. There isn’t something like stupidity, if you feel, you feel! That’s the ultimate truth. Don’t go on their standards of what they have suffered, there are no rules to Live, it is all upon you. They will scare you, stop you, blame you, but you still do what you feel. If it is wrong, you learn, but at least, you yourself, take a decision, and not them! They will imbibe 1000 fears in you, yet you take none. They couldn’t overcome their fears, but you can and you will. You speak, whatever it is, you stand for yourself, you don’t mould, as per them! You’re an individual, and You yourself choose colours for your Canvas, and you don’t draw borders on it. You don’t limit yourself. Always, be kind, and be humble, have the courage in you, to express yourself, every time.

At the end, don’t kill that innocent child, but live life, being a child

By Amrin Panjwani
Read more at https://fancydistrict.com/a-letter-from-soul/
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