A Pocketful Of Muses

“Oh dream-maker, you heart-breaker, wherever you’re going, I’m going your way” 

To me, dream is such a beautiful concept. It keeps me going everyday, and breathes life into the future that I can hardly anticipate. My dream is big. It not only clouds my days with joy and ecstasy, but also a thousand fears. The closer I get to it, the more fearful I get. But believe it or not, with fears comes courage. In the pursuit of my dream, I have overcome so many fears that gradually, I’ve gotten more courageous. Undoubtedly, a lot of bumps and holes awaits me on the road ahead. But never will I give up, simply because I’m fortunate enough to have all the muses to push me forward.


Just a few weeks ago, one of the job candidates asked me during his interview:

 “Have you ever thought of given up?”.

He was talking about a project I’m working on. I took around 5 seconds to come up with an answer. During that 5 seconds, a few faces and images flashed through my mind. I was taken back to 3 years ago, when I was lost in a maze of a thousand choices. As a rebel in class, I hated college. The lengthy lectured bored me to sleep, and the exams scared the life out of me. My heart was always drenched with uncertainty despite the many opportunities that were offered to me. I knew something was wrong. “Who should I become?” – I wondered.
On November, 2012, I decided to join a volunteering campaign at school out of curiosity. And in the blink of an eye, I was changed. I quickly realized that no matter who I become, my mission is to change the life of others, like how others have changed mine. At the end of the day, it is my mission, not my job, that defines me and my future.

“No, there’s no way I’m giving up.”

That was my answer. I meant every word of it. So long as I am still alive and kicking, I would never want to lose track of my mission. The moment I let go of it, my whole existence and identity will shatter.
To this day, the thought of changing other’s lives has been the biggest muse to drive me forward.


Last night I stayed up until 2 AM to work on my project. It would have been just another working night if I had not received an email from my assistant at 1 AM. She completed the work just as well as I expected despite the fact that it was one hour over midnight. “Why?” – I asked myself.

Last weekend, our team held an event as part of the project. We invited some parents to tag along behind our students as they ran around the park. It was 37 degree Celsius outside, yet some parents would run ceaselessly under the burning sun to join their kids. “Why?” – I asked myself.

Last month, we were lucky enough to recruit a talented teacher to our team. She has plenty of experience working for multicultural organizations and her English is excellent. Despite her busy schedule, she volunteered to help us with our latest event. As one of the custodians for the scavenger hunt, she waited patiently for our students to finish their tasks regardless of the killing heat. “Why?” – I asked.

You know, maybe I am doing something right, something that others can relate themselves to, something that they believe in.

“My people”, as I call them, share my dreams and hopes. We’re after the same rainbow’s end. Even if I fail, I firmly believe that my dream cannot die as long as I still have them as my muse.

We’re after the same rainbow’s end.

With a pocketful of muses, and a heart full of passion, I’ll be okay.

Thanks for reading.

By Phuong Nguyen
Read more at https://fancydistrict.com/a-pocketful-of-muses/
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