7 Reasons Crying Is Good For You!



YOU are a special little creature.
If your eyes are shedding tears there are only three possible kinds to it.
1) Reflexive : clears out irritants.
2) Continuous : keeps eyes lubricated.
3) Emotional : Responding to joy and sadness.

And you know what? Humans are the only one who can do the third one (emotional).
Yeah!! This led many scientists to ask why?

Though there have been reports of elephants shedding tears in grief!
Evolutionary changes are based on improving survival. And if we talk about the benefits of emotional crying the answer is: quite a bit.

Crying is Good for you!
You ask HOW?

Here, are the 7 Real Reasons Crying Is Good For You!

Everyone starts life with THAT first cry! As you grow up you still produce about 5 to 10 ounce of tears a day, even if you Never or rarely cry!

1) Tears are an important communication tool :

What!!? Tears and communication tool?

Well, think about babies? They communicate through their 5 types of newborn cries.
We are embarrassed when people notice us crying. It’s not like we do it on purpose. But researchers have theorized that tears are an evolutionary adaption that signals to other humans that you’re in distress and need help. Its elicits attention from others; at least in early life; and a means for releasing emotional tension.

According to the research in 1980’s psychogenic tears differ in composition from other tears, and it’s theorized that crying maybe a way to ride the body stress-related chemicals. Woman’s tears send a particular chemical signal to men. One of the things this sign does is it causes a dip in the male sexual arousal, which is an involuntary yet very interesting means of nonverbal communication between the sexes.

2) It also kills bacteria:

No need for Clorox wipes. We got tears! Our own anti-bacterial and anti viral agent working for us, fighting off all the germs we pick up on community computers, shopping carts, public sinks, and all those bacterial places. Tears contain Lysozyme, a fluid that the germaphobic  dreams about in her sleep. Because it can kill 90 to 95% of all bacteria in just 5 to 10 mins.

3) Crying releases toxins:

Biochemist William Frey who has been researching tears, found in one study that emotional tears-those formed in distress and grief contained more toxic byproducts than tears of irritation ( For eg. : Onion peeling)

Are tears toxic then? No! they actually remove toxins from your body that build up courtesy of stress. They are like a natural therapy or massage session, but they cost a lot less!

4) Tears also help your nose:

Your nose stops when you cry because excess tears come out of your nose through the holes of the bottom of your eyes. Each one of your eyes can only hold about 7 micro-liters of tears. A strong cry causes serious overflow. Those extra tears flood the nasal passages, which creates a runny nose. And hence it clears your nose pulling it all out! Emm.. Gushy Gushy!!

5) A good cry actually improves your mood:

Crying can be a means to catharsis because it helps you release tensions and come to new peace and resolutions about the reason behind the cry. Good cries are often related to another person soothing the crier.

6) Tears cleanse and protect the eye:

When you are not crying tears flow from your Lacrimal glands with every blink, moistening your eyes. This moisture is made up of water, oil and mucus helps to maintain healthy vision. Tears clear your eyes of debris and allow light to enter your eyes so you can see.

Remember when you were dehydrated and could see all blurry?

Yeah!! That was because you DRRRINK no water eh! Drink water, it improves your vision.

7) Crying helps relieve stress:

Emotional tears release a chemical called Adrenocorticotropic (ACTH) which is a chemical that triggers high levels of cortisol in the body, the major hormone involved in stress. You’re basically just leaking stress. Gotta love the human body!!

Are you a cry baby or more of a happy camper? Which kind of tears are you most deprived of? Looking forward to hearing from you!

By Masumeh Shah
Read more at https://fancydistrict.com/7-reasons-crying-is-good-for-you/
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