Find Laughter at Work & 9 Tips How

In 2014, a research paper by Lehmann-Willenbrock & Allen was written with the focus to theorize the function and effects of humor in team interaction settings. This shows that there was an understanding that humor enhances creativity and improves job performances in this modern world.

This is a new concept, especially in an uptight Asian work culture. In the older days, employees are divided by hierarchy and breaking the communication walls seemed almost disrespectful, but now in the modern business environment, our younger workforce are looking at each other as equal colleagues and this has helped improve the communication barrier. Respect is something earned through teamwork and results and not just from the age gap. One way to iron out the crinkles (pun not intended) is through humor.

In all seriousness, a business can be mixed with a little pleasure and laughter. It has been proven to trigger positive socio-emotional communication, procedural structure and solutions. In a workplace environment, humor is also positively related to team performance, interactions and satisfaction.

“Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment.” – Horace.

Here are 9 tips about humor in workplace:

  1. Use humor to uplift people. Do not use it to single any one person out or bring anyone down.
  2. Use humor to break the ice and make yourself approachable for your colleagues to be comfortable in sharing with you. They will be more willing to open up to you about problems, ideas, and solutions.
  3. Know your audience. Sometimes pranks or gags can be funny, but only if the other party is on the same wavelength as you.
  4. Laughter is universal. Humor can be a common ground for cultural differences but do research on what are acceptable jokes in one culture and what is not.
  5. Do not confuse being a comedian with your job. Professionalism is still the priority.
  6. Do not be an ass. Racial, sexist, political, sarcastic or discriminatory jokes are not acceptable in any situation. Putting them in a joke does not make them okay.
  7. Do not force it. Trying too hard will only make things awkward. Take it easy. Humor is best when natural.
  8. Be confident. Own your joke. Even if it did not work the first time, do not doubt or being yourself down. The whole point of humor at the workplace is to bring positivity and it should start with you.
  9. Let loose. Sometimes it is not about cracking jokes. Learn to enjoy yourself. Maybe dance in the elevator when no one is looking. Do an air guitar when you close a huge account. You spend too much time at work to not live a little.

By Yvonne Sowell
#Advice, #Communication, #Humor #Startup


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