The Beauty of Hill Station Bhimtal

Bhimtal is a place with delightful climate and view of the lake in Nainital. The beauty presents in the aquariums of the lake that you’ll really love to visit to see different types of fishes. On the banks of the lake, Bhimeshwara Mahadev temple is another place to visit for a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.The climate is pretty cool in winter and summer is pleasing. Though, the best time to visit here is summer to enjoy the extreme refreshment.
Bhimtal with an altitude of 1370mts is situated 22kms from Nainital and 300kms from Delhi, also it is 100kms away from Jim Corbett National park.

Attractions of Bhimtal

Nainital_lake_in_the_morning[1] The most popular attraction here is the lake of Bhimtal. In the middle of the lake, there is an island where beautiful aquariums are filled with vibrant fishes from all over the world.Nainital is the most developed hill station in this region and popular for the natural beauty and countless activities. The region’s rare heirlooms are kept in the museum of Bhimtal. To feel the richness of culture and history you need to visit here. Also, Sat Tal and Naukuchiatalare important places to visit and experience the nature.

Resorts in Bhimtal

There are multiple resorts and hotels in Bhimtal meeting your requirements and luxuries.There are famous hotels with genuine services in there. Luxury hotels with facilities like high-speed Internet, restaurant, conference room, Ayurveda, and swimming pool are available here. Also, some hotels also provide conference room, gym, and games room. There are different types of rooms you can find according to your need. Some hotels offer independent cottages with beautiful unique designs and themes with open balconies provide a mesmerizing view.Also, luxurious rooms like luxury deluxe, deluxe suites, deluxe cottages, and separate family suites are available in resorts in Bhimtal. The hotels offer a wide range of honeymoon packages for newly wedded couples to enjoy their time with romantic private themes and sensation of dew drops and cold winds. Contact your tour agency to find your favorite resorts in Bhimtal.

Find your best Homestay in Bhimtal

Homestay is the better option for the people who have the urge for an in-depth knowledge about Bhimtal. It is valuable for travellers and researchers too. Homestay can be an advantage to know the culture, customs, foods, traditions, and many things about the place which will let you feel a homely environment. You can also interact with local people to know about their lifestyle. Homestays in Bhimtal significantly cost less than hotels and resorts, you may not get the luxurious room but you can connect to nature.


Bhimtal is perfect for writers, painters, dreamers, in one-word – artists. You can sit surrounding the nature and paint, write or watch beautiful birds which sharpen your eyesight. Also, you can also watch the stars behind hills, woods, and open sky. Nature activities such as, cycling or mountain biking, trekking, horse riding, boating on Bhimtal Lake, wild swimming, and you can go for a jungle walk as well. When wanderlust hits you in the middle of hectic city life, it’s the place to come and take a walk towards infinity.


Indian Cuisine
The resorts understand the importance of excellent foods which includes various cuisines such as Chinese, north and south Indian, continental dishes, and also local hill foods are available here. Multi cuisine restaurants with unique interiors and architectures will make you feel extraordinary. You can also choose from different dining options like a restaurant with beautiful scenery or restaurant-bar on the rooftop with private service will definitely increase your appetite.


Costs of hotel rooms depend on the types you prefer. A private cottage will take up to 10,000inr for one night where luxury rooms are around 7000inr approximately. Also, deluxe rooms cost much lesser than luxury rooms which will take up to 3000inr and suite rooms tariff at 3,500inr nearly. Some resorts offer family suite which will cost around 6,500inr for one night. To choose your favorite resort and rooms contact your travel agents.

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