The Heart Of Life Is Good

I do not believe in Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna or any other religious figures. It is not because I lack faith or refuse to have one but simply that life itself is miraculous and forgiving. For all the wonders in the world, life definitely deserves more credit. As humans though, we tend to let pains overcast the goodness of life to actually see how blessed we are just to be alive. I, myself, is also a victim of self-pity. Whenever I feel like being thrown off the track, I need to be reminded that “The heart of life is good”. 


My dad is an amazing person and truly inspirational. His childhood was filled with long hours of manual labor and non-stop beating from my granddad. At the age of 20, he entered Vietnam Military Medical Academy against all odds and graduated with honors. His life from then on got better, but was still a struggle. He was barely making any money for himself when he first became a doctor. It was until my dad was 40 that his life began to pick up when he held a Ph.D.
My mom’s childhood was far different. Despite the war, her dad still managed to make ends meet and provided his big family with more than just the bare necessities. As a kid, my mom got a good education and by the time she was 20, she was earning way much more than she needed. She got married to my dad when she was 27.
At the moment, my mom and dad has been married for over 25 years. They have 2 children together. They live in same the house. And they share the same living condition.
So, if you think about it, it is remarkable how their lives collide regardless of their different starting points.


Take a look around and you shall be amazed at how many people are sharing the same kinds of success and happiness even though they have extremely different backgrounds leading them to take different paths. Sometimes, a former drug addict can be at the exact same intersection as a scholar. This doesn’t mean that life is unfair to the scholar, it just proves that life offers tons of opportunities for those of us who are born less fortunate, or used to travel down the dark path.
I have a hard time keeping my head up in desperate times. More often than not, I take pity on myself. I cry and blame the reality that, at the time, seems cruel to me. I know I only have the choice to feel better and happier for my sake and others’ around me. In the darkest moments, it is my life itself that wakes me up. It becomes so clear to me now that simply my existence is a product of a hard-working machine called life. It throws me, and you, into the pit so that we be aware of not only our pains but also the struggles of the other half of the world. From then on, things shall be fine.
For those who think you are inferior to others because of your backgrounds or your past mistakes, please don’t. It gets bad before it good. And life will grant you the chances to turn things around.

“It gets bad before it gets good” 

In all fairness, the heart of life is good.
Thanks for reading

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