Positive Way to Keep Your Mind Free After A Break

via Fancy District Online Newspaper

“Goodbye”, “I Love you”, “I miss you”, “I’m hurting” are words hard to say, or even hard to admit to our own selves.

Why words terrify us? Because their meanings are deeply connected to how we feel about a certain situation. Why do we feel like that?

I understand that growing up, people have to learn the hard way that there is a fine chance of their emotions being hurt by someone and they guarded themselves. Therefore, they isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

Of course being careful to whom you open up, is an absolutely respected thought, but being afraid of letting yourself when the time comes is a different and bad thing.

What you basically do in this case is push yourself to silence because of the fear of what might happen if you admit how you truly feel about anything. Now, this is a totally messed up situation that will grow your suspicion in people day by day.

Why open up and always admit how you feel?

Because life is too short to ever do the opposite. What do I mean by that?
It is completely pointless to admit you loved someone in the past if you’ve never had the guts to say it then. Admitting the truth in every level is liberating. By saying how you feel, you become a better and a stronger person.

Say it when you feel it and don’t let time fill your inner existence with regrets and guilts of the chances you once let go.

Be the free and fearless person you were born, because that is who you truly are. 

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